Medical Student Outreach Program Kit

Currently women make up less than 8% of practicing orthopaedic surgeons, yet they comprise 50% of medical students. In order to bring the very best minds to orthopaedic surgery, we must work to increase the number of women in this field.

The Perry Initiative Medical Student Outreach Program (MSOP) began in 2012, and to date over 2000 women medical students have participated in the program. Approximately 20% of eligible MSOP alumnae have matched in orthopaedic surgery residency programs, compared to just 1% of all female medical students. The three-hour MSOP event includes lectures from practicing female orthopaedic surgeons, hands-on mock surgery modules, and networking opportunities for medical students to interact with faculty and like-minded peers. The Perry Initiative now offers instructional materials, training, and support for medical schools and residency programs to run an MSOP at their own location.

How It Works

  • Local surgeons and residents act as volunteers and mentors
  • Volunteers provide lectures on topics such as work/life balance, pathway to residency, and fellowships & subspecialities
  • Participants complete two Sawbones orthopaedic bioskills labs
  • Setup requires no technical knowledge with comprehensive included instructions

What's Included

  • All power tools, materials and supplies for workshops
  • Standard Operating Procedure document outlining setup, program and repacking
  • Presentation and video files
  • Shipping to & from your location

For more information email [email protected]