March 4, 2015

The Perry Initiative Now Hiring Program Coordinator

The Perry Initiative is searching for a Program Coordinator to help us with our mission of “Building the Pipeline for Women in Orthopaedic Surgery and Engineering”.

The Program Coordinator plays a key role in ensuring that quality programming is reproduced consistently and the tested curriculum is maintained in excellent working order for all Perry Outreach Program sites nationwide, by working closely with the Associate Director and/or Executive Director to plan and execute program logistics, inventory and supplies. This key position maintains the behind the scenes operational excellence required to achieve the organization’s ambitious outreach and mentorship goals and also acts as a point of contact for the organization and maintains positive relationships with all host site partners, volunteers, parents and students.   The Program Coordinator updates the website with blog entries about recent events and populates the Facebook page with appropriate content.


Responsibilities include but are not limited to:


Program Management

  • Plan nationwide, one-day, STEM education workshops for students in high school, undergraduate programs and medical school
  • Recruit qualified students and perform admissions in line with Perry Initiative’s admissions criteria
  • Coordinate volunteers and communicate effectively with a wide range of stakeholders
  • Update website and social media regularly on behalf of the Perry Initiative
  • Supervise the Program Specialists and Perry Initiative Volunteers


Program Supplies

  • Maintain updated inventory of workshop supplies and equipment
  • Place orders to maintain supplies and tool inventory
  • Maintain and update operational processes in sufficient detail to facilitate training and supervision of Perry Initiative Volunteers


Program Logistics & Planning

  • Create and maintain a tight shipping schedule for up to 40 national programs per year
  • Pack and ship crates to ensure all supplies reach scheduled programs on time; prepare return shipment labels to ensure all crates are returned promptly
  • Procure all required flights, hotels and rental cars for staff and volunteers.
  • Complete detailed expense reports documenting all purchases and provide receipts


Perry Initiative Volunteers and Program Specialists

  • Assist in recruitment of Volunteers and Program Specialists
  • Train and supervise volunteers in inventory, packing and shipping of workshop supplies and equipment
  • Conduct bi-weekly volunteer meetings for training and oversight
  • Create and maintain an atmosphere of collegiality and appreciation; plan and execute periodic acknowledgement events for volunteers


Curriculum Development

  • Work with Executive Director to develop new program curriculum, as requested.



Qualifications (Required):

  • Bachelor’s degree or above in  education,  communication,  and/or STEM  field  of study
  • Interest in science education in out-of-school time environments and commitment to increasing the percentage of women in leadership positions within STEM fields
  • Excellent writing and organizational skills with attention to detail
  • Ability to effectively manage multiple projects at once
  • Live in  the  Greater  Philadelphia  area  with  a  willingness  to  commute  to  Newark, Delaware


Qualifications (Preferred):

  • Experience working with/mentoring high school students and/or volunteer staff
  • Experience writing educational grant applications
  • Comfortable using Facebook and WordPress
  • Ability to travel 1-2 weekends per month and/or attend conferences, as needed


Physical Demands: requires sitting, standing, walking, squatting, bending, waist twisting, kneeling, climbing stairs/ladders, reaching up to shoulder height, lifting/pushing/pulling over 60 lbs., carrying up to 30 lbs., fine finger manipulation, simple/power grasp, repetitive hand/arm use, exposure to latex, ability to differentiate color, verbal communication.

The Perry Initiative is committed to equal employment opportunity.  We will not discriminate against employees or applicants for employment regardless of race; religious creed; color; national origin; ancestry; physical disability; mental disability; medical condition, marital status; sex; pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions; actual or perceived gender; gender identity or expression; sexual orientation; service in the military forces of the State of California or of the United States; lawful conduct occurring during nonworking hours away from organization premises; and age [40 or over].



Interested? Please send resume and cover letter to

January 30, 2015

Introducing Orthopaedics in Action!



We are excited to introduce new hands-on curriculum appropriate for use in co-ed middle and high school STEM classrooms. Orthopaedics in Action (OiA) has been designed to meet national education standards (NGSS) while providing real world applications of traditional subjects such as math, physics, and biology. OiA kits come complete with five stand-alone lessons that aim to span the gap between engineering and the biomedical sciences.

OiA kits will be available in Spring 2015. To pre-register for a kit, please click on the link below, and we will keep you updated on the release date.




Kit Contents 

-5 individual hands-on classroom lessons (45-60 min) centered around case studies introducing orthopaedic and engineering concepts

-High quality equipment, including reusable anatomical models and biomechanical testing stations

-Complete professional development materials, including video training, lesson plans, and class handouts



Engineering an Ex-FixEngineering an Ex-Fix

Fix a broken tibia by assembling an external fixator. Perform a biomechanics experiment to determine if your design is optimized.

Core Concepts: Geometry, structural design, force interactions, data collection and analysis.


Anatomy ofAnatomy of a Knee Injury. a Knee Injury

Given a knee model and a series of diagnostic tests, determine what ligaments the patient injured.

Core concepts: Structure and function, data collection and analysis, anatomy.






ScoScoliosis Diagnosis liosis Diagnosis

Determine the severity of a patient’s scoliosis and prescribe a treatment plan.

Core concepts: Geometry, trigonometry, data collection and interpretation, anatomy.







 Repair that TearRepair That Tear

Repair a torn tendon using surgical suturing techniques then perform a mechanical stress test to determine the best method.

Core concepts: Structure and function, mechanical testing, data collection and analysis.





Get a GripGet A Grip

Learn about the pulley systems in the hand and how simple machines are used to manipulate forces.

Core concepts: Simple machines, forces and motion, data collection and analysis.

December 3, 2014

Thank you, Mari!

Our Business Director, Mari Collings, is moving on after four years of service with The Perry Initiative. Mari was our first employee, joining the Perry team in Summer 2010, and she was instrumental in the growth of the organization from a summer program in San Francisco to a national STEM program. For four years, Mari worked behind the scenes on fiscal management and vendor relations, building a strong infrastructure for our organization that has allowed us to grow exponentially. Thank you, Mari, for all that you have done for us here at Perry. We wish you all the best.mari crop

December 1, 2014

Perry Initiative in “One Nation Under Taught” by Dr. Vince Bertram

The Perry Initiative is proud to be mentioned as an exemplary STEM program in Dr. Vince Bertram’s new book, “One Nation Under Taught: Solving America’s Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math Crisis.” Dr. Bertram is CEO of Project Lead The Way (PLTW), a nationally recognized non-profit organization with innovative K12 curriculum and professional development in the engineering and biomedical disciplines.”One Nation Under Taught” is currently at #7 on the New York Times Hardcover Non-Fiction List. Congrats to Dr. Bertram and PLTW, and thanks for recognizing the work we do here at Perry!

Click here to purchase “One Nation Under Taught” from an independent bookseller!

September 10, 2014

The Perry Initiative 2014 Summer Interns Make Their Mark

Our 2014 Perry Initiative Summer Interns, Amira Idris and Manuela Restrepo, have completed their internships and returned to classes at University of Delaware.

Amira and Manuela traveled to programs in Yakima WA, San Jose CA, Los Angeles CA and San Francisco CA, and they made a very important contribution to The Perry Initiative with their development of our new arthroscopic knee surgery module. The interns designed and fabricated these simulators of arthroscopic knee surgery using household items like buttons, as well as handheld cameras. The new modules have been very well received by participants in pilot programs, and we hope to bring these modules to all 2014/ 2015 programs. Support The Perry Initiative and help us fund these new modules here.

Amira and Manuela are ready for surgery!

Amira and Manuela are ready for surgery!

In addition to traveling to Perry Outreach Programs, the interns also had the opportunity to shadow Perry Initiative co-founder, Dr. Lisa Lattanza, in the operating room. Manuela said of her experience, “We were able to be present in the OR for three surgeries starting at 8am and ending at 6pm. The first surgery was the removal of a bony growth on the patient’s thumb, the second case was the removal of a duplicate thumb, and the last one was the construction of the olecranon in the elbow joint using an autograft from the patient’s hip and an allograft from a cadaver. While in the OR, we were able to move around the room to get a good look at the surgery, the staff in the room was very nice and didn’t seem to mind our presence at all. They answered our questions and explained each of their roles in great detail. Not only did we learn a lot but we also had a chance to see how our biomedical engineering training applies in the field. We are grateful to have had this once in a lifetime opportunity.” 

The 2014 Perry Initiative Summer internships were sponsored by University of Delaware Service Learning Program. Amira and Manuela learned about non-profit management, in addition to developing the new arthroscopy modules. “Being involved with The Perry Initiative, one thing I learned about running a nonprofit was, although there are challenges along the way, the process to become successful and overcome these challenges can be fun and exciting when there is a great team with a passion to fulfill the mission of the organization. My experience as a Perry Intern was fun, exciting, and life changing. I have met some amazing people along the way, and hope to continue my involvement with Perry in the future.” said Amira of her summer internship. 

We wish Amira and Manuela the best of luck as they both start their senior year of biomedical engineering major at University of Delaware. We have greatly enjoyed your time with The Perry Initiative, and we are so proud of the new arthroscopy module. Thank you both!


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POP – Shawano, WI @ Shawano Community High School
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POP – St Louis, MO @ St Louis University
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POP – New Orleans, LA @ Tulane University
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8:30 am POP – New York City, NY @ Hospital for Special Surgery
POP – New York City, NY @ Hospital for Special Surgery
Apr 25 @ 8:30 am – 3:30 pm
We are pleased to announce a Perry Outreach Program in New York City which will take place at Hospital for Special Surgery on April 25, 2015. We will be holding our POP event for high school students[...]

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