Medical Student Outreach Program

The application for our Medical Student Outreach Program can be found here.

Sample schedule for MSOP

Time Topic
4:30-5:00pm Student Registration
5:00pm Program starts
5:00-5:10pm Program Orientation
5:10-5:20pm Video on Orthopaedics
5:20-5:40pm Lecture: Orthopaedics as a Career for Women and Work/Life Balance
5:40-6:00pm Lecture: Pathway to Becoming an Orthopaedic Surgeon
6:00-7:20pm Case Studies (presentation & modules)
Femoral Intramedullary Nail
Tibia or Femur External Fixation
7:20-7:30pm Lecture: Fellowships and Orthopaedic Subspecialties
7:30-7:50pm Panel Discussion: Women in Ortho at All Career Stages
7:50-8:00pm Wrap Up: surveys and mentoring info
8:00pm Program ends


Intramedullary Nail

Students will design and manufacture an intramedullary nail and use it to repair a mid-shaft femoral fracture. After a brief introduction to the mechanical principles behind intramedullary (IM) nailing, students will problem-solve to determine ideal screw locations, sizes, and types for a retrograde femoral IM nail, and then they will manufacture the nail (from wood and screws). They will then install the nail, noting design improvements to the nail itself as well as any custom tools for installing the nail. Finally, students will test whether their nail has adequate proximal and distal fixation by creating a mid-shaft femoral fracture and applying compression to the bone.

External Fixation

Students will apply an external fixator to a mid-shaft tibia or femur fracture. The instructor will discuss decisions leading to internal versus external fixation of fractures. Students will create fracture, repair with an ex-fix construct of their choice, and test the stability of their construct in axial compression, bending, and torsion.