COVID-19 and Perry Initiative Programs

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, all Spring 2020 Perry Outreach Programs and Medical Student Outreach Programs after 3/7/2020 were canceled. We have not yet rescheduled any of these programs but are hopeful our next programs in these locations can be Spring 2021.
For both the POP & MSOP, we are watching closely and evaluating when we might be able to resume in-person programs. A timeline for this is still unclear. We will, of course, keep the safety of our participants, volunteers & staff at the forefront of our decisions. The national travel required for staff, as well as the regional and local travel by participants and volunteers is also a consideration, as the COVID-19 situation is different in different areas.
For the foreseeable future we are moving to two alternative models to replace our in-person programming:

1) For the POP, we developed the Perry Virtual Experience, which we piloted in mid-July 2020. This is a free online program, with engineering & orthopaedics career discussions, as well as virtual activities for each. The PVE is conducted over Zoom video conferencing. More information on the PVE can be found here, and available session are listed on our upcoming events calendar.
We plan to continue the Perry Virtual Experience until we are able to resume in-person POPs.

Questions about PVE? Email [email protected]

2) For the MSOP, we already offer our MSOP Kit, where we ship all the materials for an MSOP to the host to run the program without Perry staff present. If a medical school has students returning to in-person classes in the fall, the school can run an MSOP Kit for students while keeping within local COVID-19 guidelines.

Questions about MSOP Kit? Email [email protected]

FAQ about The Perry Initiative's alternative programming during the COVID-19 pandemic:

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