POP – Wilmington, DE @ Conrad Schools of Science
Jun 5 all-day

A Perry Outreach Program was held in June 2010 at Conrad Schools of Science in Newport, Delaware.

21 students from the Red Clay Consolidated School District participated in the program.

Faculty from University of Delaware, University of Pennsylvania, and Nemours/AI Dupont Hospital for Children spoke at the event, and staff and students from these institutions served as volunteers.

POP – Delaware @ Conrad Schools of Science
Aug 6 @ 9:00 am – 3:30 pm

General Information

Date: August 6th, 9 am – 3:30 pm

Location: Conrad Schools of Science
Students: 29 students from 9 high schools in Delaware & Pennsylvania
Event Sponsor: Stryker Corporation
Event Hosts: University of Delaware & Red Clay Consolidated School District



Morning Workshops (#3) Shoulder Fracture
(#6) Rotator Cuff
(#4) Scoliosis
Afternoon Workshops (#17) Olecranon Fracture
(#14) Knee Ligaments
(#8) Tibia External Fixator


Faculty Speakers

Name Affiliation Contact
Lynn Snyder-Mackler, PT, PhD University of Delaware, Dept. Physical Therapy
Jill Startzell-Higginson, PhD University of Delaware, Dept. Mechanical Engineering & Biomedical Engineering
Jenni Buckley, PhD University of Delaware, Dept. Mechanical Engineering & The Perry Initiative
Martha Murray, MD Children’s Hospital Boston
Jennifer Ty, MD Nemours/AI DuPont Hospital for Children



Name Affiliation Contact
Amber Collins, PhD University of Delaware
Becca Buchanan University of Delaware
Kris Miller University of Pennsylvania
Katie Reuther University of Pennsylvania
Maureen Olejar Conrad Schools of Science
Melissa Jurist University of Delaware, College of Engineering
Elise Coletta University of Michigan
Mari Collings The Perry Initiative
Vikki Bandy Community Supporter
Gemma Buckley Community Supporter


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