Welcome to our new Program Specialists, Dani (left) and Nicole (right)! They will be joining our team this fall and will travel to Perry Initiative programs all over the country. Dani and Nicole have been volunteers at our program head quarters at the University of Delaware where they are engineering students. Look out for them this fall at different locations.

DSCN3566Nicole Ray is a PhD Student and Helwig Mechanical Engineering Fellow at the University of Delaware. She received her Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from The Ohio State University. Her current research focuses on understanding the impact of innovative rehabilitation tools on the movement patterns, functional performance and quality of life of stroke survivors. Nicole joined the Perry Initiative after starting graduate school at UD in the fall of 2015 and became a program specialist in the fall of 2016. She is also part of the executive board for the Mechanical Engineering Graduate Student Association (MEGA) and steering committee for the Women in Engineering (WiE) program.


DSCN3568Dani Gerstman is a senior undergraduate in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Delaware. She joined the Perry Initiative in 2014 as a volunteer and became a program specialist in the fall of 2016. At the University, she aspires to minor in Integrated Design and Biomechanics. Dani is a Residential Assistant and co-president of the student organization MESS (Mechanical Engineering Student Squad).




We’re excited to have them join our team and help us keep bringing the program to hundreds of students around the country!