Organizing Bones…



Felicia gets to work… those femurs aren’t going to catalog themselves!

Earlier in the month, Dr. Jenni flew back to the San Francisco office for some needed organization time.  While she was there, we received a giant shipment of bones!

The Perry Initiative is able to stock its hands-on curriculum using generous donations from SawBones!  This company sells anatomical models for a whole host of learning and training activities worldwide.

Nadia uses the band saw to cut bones in half

Every time we get a donation, there’s a lot of sorting and packaging to be done! At first, our intern, Felicia, and Program Specialist, Katrina, attacked the pile with zeal, sorting the bones by type and cutting some into pieces.  Sometimes a module just uses the proximal section of the bone… sometimes, just the distal!

Felicia is all tuckered out…

But as with any job… sometimes you just a hit a wall.  Or floor.  Or bottom stair.

Thanks for all your hard work, Nadia and Felicia!