Hi, it’s Jovauna Currey here! I’m a third year medical student at Michigan State University College of Human Medicine and have been volunteering with the Perry Initiative since its beginnings. I absolutely love the Perry program and everything it stands for, which is why I volunteered to join Jenni and Nadia at a conference in Puerto Rico this June!

Jovauna and Nadia at the Perry booth

I was helping to promote the Perry Initiative by working our Perry booth at the American Association of Mechanical Engineers Summer Bioengineering conference. I met a lot of great engineers, male and female, who were interested in our Initiative. Many wanted to start programs in their area! I even met a physician who works in Ireland and says that, “only about 0.5% of working Orthopaedics surgeons are women” there. Looks like Perry may have to go International!

Nadia, Jenni, and I enjoy the rainforest

The conference was not all work though. Nadia, Jenni and I did find time to go out and enjoy beautiful Puerto Rico. We hiked through the rainforest, kayaked at night in water glowing due to dinoflagellates, and tried a lot of amazing Puerto Rican food, such as: mofongo, which is basically a mashed plantain dish and lots of fresh delicious island fruit!


Delicious, fresh coconut water!

I had a great time spreading the word about the Perry Initiative to all the amazing engineers and physicians at the American Society of Mechanical Engineers conference in Puerto Rico!

Getting some work done on the beach.