Tales from the Road: June 16, 2012

Always fun running Perry Events with my awesome friend and mentor Jenni

I was absolutely thrilled when I found out that I would be able to help run the Perry event in Spokane. I was half asleep when I met up with the amazing Jenni Buckley Friday at 5 AM inside the San Francisco Airport. By the time we landed in Spokane, we were off and ready to get things started! Meeting the wonderful group of staff and volunteers at Shriners Hospital was a great beginning to our weekend. To be honest, I was not too familiar with Shriners Hospital until I was told about everything they do for their patients and how so many volunteers help make it happen. It was inspiring to see how much pride these volunteers had and how it all comes down to being there for children in need.

Loads of delicious sushi and great conversation made this an amazing dinner!

After training the volunteers, Jenni and I walked around and explored the city. We completely stuffed ourselves with the most amazing sushi and had a great time catching up and talking about our lives and Perry. Jenni then insisted on showing me the Spokane River. I have seen plenty of rivers in my life so I didn’t expect much. Needless to say when I saw the gigantic river raging with so much water and force I was speechless! We literally just stood there and watched it for about 10 minutes both of the days we were in Spokane. At around 10pm we were exhausted and knocked out, getting our much needed beauty sleep before running the big event the next day!

Hanging out watching the girls have a great time with their surgeries

Running Perry Events are always so amazing for me since I was able to take the program 3 years ago and since then became dedicated to having surgery as my career. We had such a lively, curious bunch of young women at this event who were eager to try their hand at being surgeons. It was lots of fun teaching them how to use power tools and trust in their critical thinking to perform the surgeries needed. I would say we had lots of future orthopedic surgeons and engineers in that room! I just can’t explain how great it feels to be part of a program that allows these girls to do something they have never done before and watch them be inspired and motivated just as I was. I encouraged them to keep in touch with me and other volunteers and hoped that they would leave feeling more confident in their abilities.

Exploring town and admiring the gorgeous Spokane River!

After the program Jenni and I stuffed ourselves with delicious food once again and checked out a few local shops. Spokane is filled with so many sweet people who are so friendly and so helpful! Everyone would just start friendly conversations with you, which made us feel so welcomed and loved! Haha. Overall my weekend in Spokane was pretty amazing. The girls had a great time and so did Jenni and myself. I feel so blessed to be part of this program with great mentors and friends who work so hard to gives these girls the Perry Initiative experience. A lot of work goes into running these programs but it’s all worth it when you see how thrilled they are at their own abilities and how excited they are for their future, hopefully as orthopedic surgeons and engineers!

A dog we found outside of a gas station with a heart on his head!