Orthopaedics In Action (OIA) features stand-alone 45-60 minute lessons appropriate for Grades 7 through 12 classrooms. OIA maps to Next Generation Science Standards and covers multiple Disciplinary Core Ideas and Science and Engineering Practices.

Each lesson comes complete with:

  • An interactive lecture, featuring a “case study” of a patient with a real orthopaedic problem. Students must conduct clinical and biomechanical experiments to determine the best treatment. Student worksheets are included, and they integrate the lecture and hands-on portions of each lesson.
  • High quality, reusable classroom materials, manufactured by Sawbones. Each lesson comes with enough materials to conduct 2-4 student work groups simultaneously.
  • Complete teacher professional development materials, including written lesson plans, student worksheet solutions, and training videos of example lessons and in-class exercises.

Jenni Buckley, assistant professor of mechanical engineering, and Amy Trauth-Nare, associate director of Science Education at the Delaware Center for Teacher Education (DCTE), and students Seth Bulich, Hunter Bachman, Kyle Culver, and Molly Wessel working with "Orthopedics in Action" (OIA) kits that teach science, mathematics and engineering concepts through medical experiments. Buckley and Trauth-Nare developed the kits which offer hands-on lessons for students to immerse themselves in orthopedics and engineering concepts. - (Evan Krape / University of Delaware)