The Perry Initiative gratefully acknowledges the following individuals who have contributed financially to our mission. To learn more about the impact of these donations, please click here.

Lifetime Giving: Founders’ Circle

Lynda & Carlton Beal, Jr Fund of the Beal Foundation
Dr. Jenni Buckley
Dr. Sue Carlisle
Dr. Amy Ladd
Dr. Lisa Lattanza
Michael B Rukin Charitable Foundation
Margo & Bennie Tschirky
Dr. Ann Van Heest


Annual Giving: 2018

Platinum ($1,000+)

Dr. Liza Arendt
Lynda & Carlton Beal, Jr Fund of the Beal Foundation, in honor of Dr. Amanda Marshall-Rodriguez
Dr. Jenni Buckley
Dr. Henry Clarke
Joanne Gronley
Dr. Sommer Hammoud
Dr. Patrick Horst
Dr. Amy Ladd
Dr. Lisa Lattanza, in honor of Milli Lattanza
Dr. Mary O’Connor, in honor of John M O’Connor
Dr. Laura Tosi
Margo & Bennie Tschirky
Dr. Ann Van Heest


Gold ($500-$999)

Dr. Ngozi Akabudike
Dr. Miranda Bice
Dr. A Sue Carlisle
Dr. Katherine Coyner
Judith D’Amico
Dr. Holly Duck
Dr. Christina Goldstein
Dr. Serena Hu
Dr. Dale Jarka
Dr. Mary Ann Keenan
Dr. Laurie Koch
Dr. Nancy Luger
Dr. Kristan Pierz
Dr. Tamara Scerpella
Dr. Robert Schenck
Dr. Sarah Sibbel
Dr. Stephanie Siegrist
Dr. Amy Trauth



Silver ($250-$499)

Dr. Sheila Algan, in memory of Dr. William Grana
Ms. JJ Heldmann & Dr. McPherson Beall, III
Jack & Gemma Buckley
Dr. Anne Colton Deirmengian
Dr. Edward Craig
Amynah Dhanani, in honor of Sophia Dhanani
Dr. Jolene Hardy
Donna Hill
Mary Ip, in honor of Victoria Ip
Dr. Donna Pacicca
Gary Peterson
Bary Popkin
Dr. Ellen Raney



Bronze ($100-$249)

Laura Abplanalp
Steve Alvey
Srivallu Arkalgud
Dr. Erin Baker
Dr. Laura Bruse
Dr. Thomas Buchanan
Matthew Buckley
Dr. Chris Cawley, in honor of Tiffy Zachos
Dr. Jeanne Delsignore
Julie DeProfio
Priti Desai
Aurelia Dinulescu, in honor of Antonia Dinulescu
Dr. Dawn Elliot
Jeanine Gibbons
Dr. Andrew Gilpin & Dr. Allison Bean
Padma Gopalakrishnan
Virginia Irwin Klausmeier
Dr. Michelle James
Cathy Kornblith
Connie Lantrip
Julie Levenson
Sudha Mahadevappa
Dr. Patricia McKeever
Peter Ong
Dr. Michael Patzakis, in memory of Dr Jacquelin Perry
Michael Peterson
Marilynn Spellman
Anita Sumali
Daniel Tavani
Kelly Wimberly, in honor of Allyson Wimberly



Supporters (up to $100)

Debbie & Gregory Au
Sumanta Basnet
Nicole Black
Erica Boyet
Jennifer Brown, in honor of Brynn Brown
Amy Cable
Pamela DeMeo
Nora Emon
Whitney Goler
Carmen Hadjigeorgiou
Mary & Jonathan Hastings
Robert & Melinda Heuschneider
Kristine Larson
Kari Lindsey, in honor of Jude Lindsey
Susan Miller
Dr. Mary Mulcahey
Jenny Patterson
Manuela Restrepo
Jennifer Robertson
Wendy Sardella
Lon Schiffbauer
Jennifer Serpan, in honor of Genevieve and Josephine Serpan
Dawn Vassel, in honor of Dr. Rachel Rohde
Becky Widmayer, in honor of all my Perry friends, mentors, and volunteers and the ways they continue to inspire me in my career