2011 – Halloweengineering!

General Information

Date: October 28th, 2011
Location: University of Delaware, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Event: Halloweengineering! at the College of Engineering, University of Delaware
Students: Approximately 15 budding young engineers, ranging from 7-13 years old
Faculty: Jenni Buckley, PhD, University of Delaware, Department of Mechanical Engineering, & Kristen Coakley, PhD Candidate, University of California, San Francisco



Our young engineers were tasked with inventing a new technique for fixing broken monster bones, aka Monsteoplasty. There were broken monster femurs, spines, and shoulders. Our monsters lost a lot of blood (green, of course) during the procedure, so the engineers had to also perform a blood transfusion. We’re happy to report that all monsters had their bones successfully fixed by the end of the evening!

Parents & teachers, if you want to try this fun activity for yourselves, here’s a list of materials:

Artificial bones (Sawbones recommended), break with a saw or hammer & ask students to repair using…
Pipe cleaners
Modeling clay
Green jello, extra thick! (blood transfusion)